Virtual Personal Gift Shopper Services Dubai, UAE


Our personal gifts shoppers provide expert advice. Also give the highest level of customized & personal shopping experience as much possible to individual shoppers. Having a strong grip of local UAE’s market trends and giving personalized attention, providing advanced knowledge of products, Personal Shoppers become trusted consultants for shoppers who want an enhanced buying experience. Our Personal Shoppers develop profound & lasting relationships with customers.

What our Personal Gift Shopper Does?

Our personal shopper uses variety of communications methods, gets customers requirements and crafts a shopping experience for customers, which is easy, inspiring, and productive for the customer to make shopping decisions.

  1. Personal Shoppers drive the relationship with their clients using mail, e-mail, telephone and face-to-face communications
  2. After that Customer may order/purchase the items directly from the seller/brands and ship to given address
  3. Or book it from seller/brand to our address and our shopper ship directly to the given address
  4. Or Attach more gifts/products and ship to the given address

How It Works


Take our shopping quiz/requirements to match with a personal shopper. You’ll connect 1:1 for a consultation over phone/whatsapp or text messaging


Personal Shopper explore and study the entire market, then sends you a virtual Look book with gifts/items that fit your requirements, time & budget


Customers, after getting finalized books/purchases what customers want right from your Lookbook. Items ship from brands & retailers directly to the recipient’s address or purchased and attached with other Gift Items and ship to recipient’s address. No box, no surprises

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